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Heart Belief

  When I decided to start a blog, I committed to one thing — that it be real.  Real stuff from the heart.  Not platitudes or empty words.  That said, in true blog form (I hope), I’m posting a page straight … Continue reading

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Your Hope and Strength

There’s a light breeze and plenty of sunshine today in the lovely Willamette Valley of Oregon.  The kids have started a new school year.  Fall is right around the corner.  I can feel it in the air. That means the … Continue reading

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Going Against the Grain — Not Your Typical Weight Loss Advice (Part 5)

This might be the most radical and controversial notion I’ve had related to weight.  We’re going way outside the Corn Flakes box.  Right on over to the Crackers section.  My ‘Out to Lunch’ sign is ready for hanging, if necessary. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Food and Faith for Women

I want to just hug you for being here.  This site is about your God, you and your health.  I’m going to guess that you’re a common sense sort of woman seeking to stay well in the years ahead.  I … Continue reading

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