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The Back to School Lunch Box

Lunch Box Dilemma Sure, it would be easier to buy all pre-packaged foods for the kids’ lunches.  You could shave off a few minutes in the morning.  You can justify the amount of saturated fat and refined sugar in those … Continue reading

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A Short List of Favorite Books

Have you ever given your unwanted books to a Goodwill?  Maybe a Humane Society thrift store?  A library?  A resale shop?  It’s interesting to peruse these.  Occasionally, there’s a good one that I’ll buy.   But here’s what I really … Continue reading

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10 Tasks You Can Do In 5 Minutes

My husband says that I don’t do nothing well.  No, he does not have a problem with his grammar.  I suppose he could have said that I don’t like to have nothing to do.  Well, he’s right.  If you have … Continue reading

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Patience Can Wait

Apparently it’s been an arduous journey getting from the house to the car most school mornings.  I’d say, “We’re leaving now.”  Pause.  “We’re getting in the car now.”  Pause, pause.  It could be a measly three minutes, but my Minor … Continue reading

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Chaos to Calm — When I Allowed a God of Perfect Order to Take Over

An Eye-Opener    Somewhere between folding family laundry at midnight and nearly dozing off during an hour and a half commute home from work, I wondered – perhaps I am being stretched just a bit too thin.  “Running around like … Continue reading

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