About Luanna

You, me, our God and our health.  That’s what you’ll find here.

I began a dream job in health research and wellness in my early twenties.  That was the best day of my career.  The next best day was when I let that job go, nearly thirty years later.

Those years gave me time to process and gain insights connecting scientific health research and my faith.  I have a passion to continue  what God has begun — in the blogosphere.  Granted, I’m not sitting side by side with you, counseling, coaching, listening, and encouraging, as I’m used to, but I think this is a pretty good next best thing.

We’re in Christ and staying healthy together, online.  Let the adventure begin.

Bio Tidbits

  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Foods and Nutrition, Cum Laude honors
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Senior Health Research Interventionist
  • Health Education Instructor
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy Dietitian in Private Practice
  • National, Local, and Cable Television and Radio interviews
  • Columnist for local health magazine
  • Nutrition Consultant for local athletic businesses
  • Volunteer Community and Professional Speaker
  • Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, CDR, American Dietetics Association
  • Bible Study Leader and Small Group Facilitator

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