Chaos to Calm — When I Allowed a God of Perfect Order to Take Over

An Eye-Opener   

Somewhere between folding family laundry at midnight and nearly dozing off during an hour and a half commute home from work, I wondered – perhaps I am being stretched just a bit too thin.  “Running around like a chicken with its head cut off,” is what they used to say.  Not a pretty picture.  Neither was I.

If only all the important matters of life would magically line up in perfect godly order.  This is the stuff fairy tales are made of.  Fairy tales for wives, moms, and career loving women who know: It’s all important.

A Word

Then, a word of encouragement that changed everything.  Several years ago, I was leading a particular Bible study at church.  (Give me a break, this one really was important).  Beth Moore, the study’s author, said, “Going on in perpetual exhaustion is being out of God’s will.”  Ouch.  This was truth.  My spirit knew it.  I pleaded with God, “Please, You are the only One who can set my priorities.  Show me.”  You’ve heard it said, “When you ask for patience be prepared for opportunities to practice patience.”  When you ask God to straighten out your priorities, get ready for an adventure.

A Change

A drastic reduction in work hours was my first request.  The momentary blank stare I received from the supervisor created a micro second of panic.  I felt myself take a quick gasp of air.  No turning back now.  In my field of work being buried deep in multi-levels of various projects, simultaneously, was everyday routine.  That work could not be easily passed on.  The creativity I contributed could not be replaced.  With some difficulty, however, most of the projects could be given new owners.

The next step – a negotiation to work most of those remaining hours from home.  Granted, a proposition that left no great amount of confidence that my job was secure.  In this economy? you say, she’s crazy!  That may be an accurate assessment.  I was able to work from home a few years but as the economy worsened and business belts tightened, and with my unwillingness to make that crazy three hour a day commute, the job went away for me completely.  But the proof of answered prayer had already begun.

A Result

The road that leads to relief was evident.  Before me was a clearer view of a path leading to peace.  There was calmness slowly creeping in replacing the chaos that oftentimes took precedence.  The lack of energy that had made many days feel hard to get through settled into days I could face.  Hurriedly squeezing in time to study God’s word was becoming a purposeful and rewarding time with Him.

An Affirmation

He is gradually, gently, and consistently putting in place His priorities.  Because first, He is the ultimate priority.  He is and always has been right where a holy God deserves to be.  First.

Turns out, life in God’s will just happens to be, well, all about His will.

Now I do laundry during daylight hours.  The longest commute is to church.  There, I teach inductive study of the Word of God to precious women who demonstrate priority living.

It may all be important stuff, but He is the important One.

About Luanna Diller

Luanna Diller's professional expertise includes nutrition, health behavior change, and wellness. She has over three decades of experience in counseling, teaching and motivating thousands of clients to achieve healthier lifestyles. She is a wife, mom to a teenager and a young adult, Registered Dietitian and Christian women’s ministries leader. She is a creative cook, loves to dance and recently discovered a knack for hand making glass beads.
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